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Hotel Website Design - Adaptive and Responsive

  • Showcase your Hotel Online
  • Capture Direct Room Bookings
  • Increase ‘Look to Book’
  • Increase ‘Look to Call’

Today’s hotelier has scaled up her marketing effort to encourage direct bookings through her hotel website as this offers better margins at much lower commissions than traditional distribution channels. Agency Africa helps hotels achieve this objective through our customized hotel website designs that are based on latest design trends using captivating photos, clean wide open spaces and clear knowledge of how to convert the prospective views to tangible customer bookings.

A hotel website must showcase the ‘experience’ a guest would engage in once at the hotel. Your hotel website is your most important marketing tool because this is where the customer gets her first glimpse of the hotel. A badly designed website does more harm than good. However, a pretty looking website alone does not make a success formula. A lot of other things need to be weighed in too. Following are a few critical considerations:

  • Website speed optimization
  • Optimization of UX – User experience across website
  • Optimization of UX across booking engine
  • Easy availability of call–to-action
  • Outbound and inbound links
  • Tripadvisor reviews
  • Quality of content
  • Image and video
  • Special offers
  • Social proof
  • Grammar
  • Awards


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