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Brand Identity

  • Create a unique brand through​ our rigorous branding process.

Developing brand identity for a hotel or a serviced apartment is a tricky job. Often clients ask “A new logo – now how hard can that be?” Developing a new logo is a rigorous process between us and the client. Anyone can design a pretty logo but our mission is to get it right for the long run of your business. Your brand identity will, after all, encapsulate the intangible equity of your business. In order to give some method to the madness, we have developed a custom process that takes our client through specific steps for identifying the intended brand positioning and desired brand personality. The outcomes of this workshop then become the inputs for the possible designs. The creative process in itself is an iterative one until the client is satisfied with the final logo. Once the logo has been approved, we then undertake the development of your brand identity manual.


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